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'No intelligent species would destroy their own environment...'

So... 2020. It's been a pretty alarming year already and yet we are only half way through. Despite witnessing colossal bush fires, floods, famine, record breaking temperatures and of course the Covid-19 pandemic; taking serious action towards tackling climate change (the root of all these problems) still seems to be an after thought for many people.

The majority of citizens on this planet have heard about climate change and are at least somewhat aware of the devastating effect human activity is having on our home. Many are also aware that we are facing a mass extinction, possibly within our own lifetime and more than likely within the lifetime of our children- terrifying. And yet, here we are, still accelerating towards doomsday.

As someone who has found joy in nature since childhood, I have lived most of my life as a hypocrite and in a single sided exchange- taking delight and living some of my most memorable experiences in nature, with ignorant daily habits that negatively impact the Earth and contribute to it's demise. Upon discovering vegetarianism and then veganism a few years back, it was as though the wool was lifted from my eyes. I started to see the bigger picture.

Fast forward a few years of trying the balance my performing/ surviving in London life, distanced relationship, the continuous pull to live back on the coastline, vast amounts of research and encouraging friends and family to make easy lifestyle swaps and question their own choices, I have landed at this point in my life- a blog. Lockdown left me with A-LOT of free time, during which I fully delved into learning more about environmental crisis and the racial injustices upon which the system we all live in is built. Combining this with conversations with friends, we quickly grasped majority, if not all, of the issues we face today are linked.

So here I am, at the beginning of my blog journey. Education is the key to tackling these problems and I'm here to share what I have learnt, expose truths, debunk myths and help you to make easy lifestyle swaps, leaving a green and blue world full of a variety of life, for generations to come. So buckle up, it's going to be a bumpy ride, but our lives literally depend on it.

G x


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