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Dear Boris Johnson

For all the suffering people have endured during this pandemic, we have been provided with a once in a lifetime opportunity which could determine whether we stand a fighting chance against climate change. I write to you now to ask, when making your decisions regarding the economy and who to invest the country’s money in, think of your newborn son.

When faced with the option to bail out huge climate wrecking companies, think of your son.

When making decisions surrounding investing money in unsustainable, polluting industries to create jobs which, as a result will only be a short term solution before we face more crises such as Covid-19, think of your son.

When you feel pressured by these planet destroying companies continuously requesting a hand out, think of your son and instead of thinking on the short term profit you might gain from helping these companies, please, think of your son.

Your youngest son will be the one in your family who lives to be most impacted by the decisions you make now. Your decisions can help determine whether he will see another pandemic in his lifetime. Whether he will be one of the millions of people displaced by rising waters. Whether he will fall ill as a result of air pollution, or will be affected by worldwide food and water shortages. Whether he will be able to marvel at the the wonder of an elephant or a tiger in their natural habitat. Whether he will be able to safely have a family of his own one day.

We are running out of time and have witnessed, just in these first 6 months of 2020, the consequences of the damage we are inflicting on our home. And this is only the start.

So please, put the people and the planet before profit. And if this isn’t enough to encourage you to choose a green recovery every time, then think of your son. This is the best chance you have to save his future.


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